Samstarf með Plany

Plany AS has signed a cooperation agreement with Eldisvörur ehf to serve its customers in Iceland.
Interesting projects are being pursued in Iceland, both at sea and on land. Cooperating with a local
company is necessary for serving customers in the best possible way. Plany sees the importance of being
close to customers and being able to serve them at short notice.
Established in 1964 as a sailmaker, primarily supplying ships and the shipping industry, Plany’s biggest
markets today are in aquaculture. It specialises in the production of technical textiles, such as tarpaulins,
lice skirts, cleaner-fish kelps and freshwater reservoirs. Land-based fish farming is growing, and the
company provides thise market with dividing wall systems, coverings for tanks/tents, escape barriers and
gangway coverings.
The company also works on special projects which require custom-made solutions. Eldisvörur ehf was founded in 2018 and is an import and service company for the aquaculture
It offers a wide range covering all major aquaculture equipment categories from reliable sources, with or
without installation as required, as well as technical advice to customers.
Experience of the sector among the company’s employees and owners spans several decades, and they
have worked with various forms of aquaculture over these years. This provides a valuable foundation for
giving general advice on selecting good equipment. Attention has primarily been concentrated on projects
related to land-based aquaculture and associated activities.
The goal for both companies is to grow the aquaculture industry both at sea and on land in partnership
with their customers over coming years.

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